AT ONE WELLBEING offer a range of Menopause Awareness Workshops, Menopause and Mental Health programmes and support to businesses wishing to develop their Menopause Policies and Procedures. We also offer Menopause Awareness Training for Managers, Menopause Talks and advice and guidance to HR Professionals, Leadership Teams and Managers on how to open the conversation on the menopause at work.

Siobhan Kearney has been designing and delivering Menopause workshops and programmes for the past three years. Many of these programmes have been co-designed to meet the specific needs of clients.

She has also given keynote speeches across the business sector in Northern Ireland, contributed to events and written articles for a range of business clients. She has become a leading voice for change – her mission is to remove the stigma and taboo surrounding the menopause.

If you are an individual, Siobhan will support you to live a better menopause. You can join her Facebook Group – The Menopause Room – where she organises free monthly workshops on a variety of topics, shares information on the menopause and brings others into the conversation to share their stories about their menopausal journey.

If you are a business, she will support you to develop a culture where women can speak about their symptoms, feel supported by your business and ultimately help you retain your top female talent.