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When the going gets tough

“Even if the last move did not succeed, the inner command says move again.” ~ Seamus Heaney

Some say life is a bed of roses. And with roses come thorns that will inevitably cause us pain. I have a real interest in what it is that can cause us most pain as we go through life. Is it a sense of failure – past events have left us feeling that happiness will never be ours. Or is it a fear of failure that keeps is stuck in an unending loop of desperation. Hoping that things will change – that our luck will come in. Whatever it is that is making you feel that this life of your is lived in a shadow of frustrating “sameness” that leaves you flat and demotivated, then you have some questions to ask yourself:

Where does my real fear lie. Where did it come from. Do I accept it as my own reality. What would my life be like if I did not have this fear. In who’s eyes am I a failure.

As Heaney has said – “move again”. There is nothing to be gained in life by sitting still. As I say in all my wellbeing workshops – change nothing and nothing changes. NO CHANGE = NO CHANGE. So today and just for yourself – make one small change to your daily routine – try something new, think only positive things, reach out to others, be your own fear disruptor. Feel powerful, be powerful – you deserve to issue a new inner command every single time your last move did not succeed.